The United States one hundred-dollar expense ($ 100 dollars cash ) is actually a sect of United States money. Statesman, maker, mediator, as well as American starting dad Benjamin Franklin is actually included on the obverse of the expense. On the opposite of the banknote is actually a photo of Independence Hall. The $ 100 dollars cash expense is actually the most extensive sect that has actually been actually imprinted as well as distributed considering that July thirteen, 1969, when the churches of $500, $1,000, $5,000, and also $10,000 were actually resigned.[[ 2 ] The Bureau of Engraving as well as Printing claims the typical lifestyle of a $ 100 dollars cash expense in flow is actually 90 months (7.5 years) prior to it is actually substituted because of weathering.

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The costs are actually likewise often described as “Bens," “Benjamins," or even “Franklins," of making use of Benjamin Franklin’s picture on the sect, or even as “C-Notes," based upon the Roman number for 100 dollars cash . The proposal is just one of 2 religions published today that carries out certainly not include a President of the United States; the various other is actually the $10 costs, including Alexander Hamilton. It is actually likewise the only religion today to include a structure certainly not found in Washington, D.C., that being actually Independence Hall situated in Philadelphia on the opposite. The amount of time on the time clock of Independence Hall on the opposite, depending on to the U.S. Bureau of Engraving as well as Printing, revealed around 4:10[[ 3 ] on the much older present-day details and also 10:30 on the set 2009A keeps in mind discharged in 2013.

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One hundred hundred-dollar costs are actually provided through Federal Reserve Banks in mustard-colored bands ($ 10,000).


The Series 2009 $ 100 dollars cash expense redesign was actually revealed on April 21, 2010, as well as was actually released to the general public on October 8, 2013.[[ 4 ] The brand new expense prices 12.6 pennies to generate and also possesses a blue bow interweaved in to the facility of the money along with " 100 dollars cash " and also Liberty Bells, rotating, that seem when the expense is actually slanted.

Removal of huge religion expenses ($ 500 as well as up) [revise]

The $ 100 dollars cash costs makes up 77% of all United States money in transmission,[[ 5 ] although depending on to previous Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, greater than two-thirds of all $ 100 dollars cash details are actually carried outside the United States.[[ 6 ]


( around 7.4218? 3.125 in? 189? 79 mm)

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(6.14? 2.61 in? 157? 66   mm)


Both perspectives (obverse as well as opposite) of the Series 1934 $ 100 dollars cash Gold Certificate.

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Front of a Series 1966 $ 100 dollars cash United States keep in mind.


Obverse of a Series 2006A $100 details.


Joseph-Siffred Duplessis image of Benjamin Franklin made use of on the $100 expense coming from 1929 up until 1996.

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H.B.Hall inscription of Joseph-Siffred Duplessis portraiture of a more mature Benjamin Franklin utilized on the $100 expense 1996 forward.


Comparison in between a Series 1990 details along with a 2013 keep in mind (1996 layout disappointed).

The Federal Reserve declared the elimination of sizable churches of United States unit of currency coming from dissemination on July 14, 1969. The one-hundred-dollar expense was actually the most extensive sect left behind in transmission. All the Federal Reserve Notes generated coming from Series 1928 around just before Series 1969 (i.e. 1928, 1928A, 1934, 1934A, 1934B, 1934C, 1934D, 1950, 1950A, 1950B, 1950C, 1950D, 1950E, 1963, 1966, 1966A) of the $100 faith amounted to $23.1708 billion.[[ 11 ] Since some banknotes had actually been actually damaged, as well as the populace was actually 200 thousand during the time, there was actually lower than one $100 banknote per capita income spreading.

As of June 30, 1969, the U.S. pieces as well as banknotes in dissemination of all churches cost $50.936 billion of which $4.929 billion was actually flowing overseas.[[ 12 ] So the unit of currency and also piece flowing within the United States was actually $230 per unit of population. Given that 1969, the need for U.S. unit of currency has actually substantially enhanced. The overall sum of distributing unit of currency as well as piece passed one mountain bucks in March 2011.

Despite the degeneration in the market value of the U.S. $100 banknote (which deserved even more in 1969 than a U.S. $500 details will cost today), as well as regardless of competitors coming from some better overseas keep in minds (very most significantly, the 500 european banknote), there are actually no strategies to re-issue banknotes over $100. The extensive use digital ways to perform high-value purchases today has actually created big bodily money deals outdated and also consequently, coming from the federal government’s perspective, unneeded for the perform of genuine company. Pricing Quote T. Allison, Assistant to the Board of the Federal Reserve System in his October 8, 1998 statement prior to the U.S. House of Representatives, Subcommittee on Domestic as well as International Monetary Policy, Committee on Banking and also Financial Services:

There are actually public laws versus printing the $500 details, mostly given that much of those performance increases, including lesser delivery and also storage space prices, would certainly build up certainly not simply to reputable customers of dollar yet likewise to amount of money launderers, income tax evaders and also an assortment of various other violators that utilize unit of currency in their unlawful task. While it is actually never very clear that the quantity of controlled substances offered or even the quantity of tax obligation dodging will essentially improve equally an effect of the schedule of a bigger buck faith costs, it no question holds true that if culprits were actually supplied along with a much easier device to wash their funds and also conceal their incomes, administration authorizations might possess a more challenging opportunity locating specific illegal purchases taking place in cash money.[[ thirteen] ]